Tough Chicken Breast

Last Sunday, I had a craving for some deep fried, southern style chicken, with the crispy skin and breading. But, my kids don’t eat dark meat (spoiled, I know), so no point in buying one of those whole fryers. And whole fryer chickens are tiny!

So, I thought I would just get a package of bone-in chicken breasts. Went to the store to buy some, and I was like, ugh, those won’t fit in my deep fryer! They are way too big! And, the breading would be burnt before the insides were done, anyway. I would have had to cut it up to work. Then there goes the crispy skin! But what I did was, de-bone it and did my best to leave the skin on. It worked, and it turned out ok (the pic above). Though, probably threw away some good meat, that was still on the bone!

While it had good flavor, some of the meat was tough and grainy! Seems I can’t find chicken breast in the store anymore, that isn’t like this. And, the last time I bought one of those bags of frozen chicken breasts, it was nothing but a bunch of scrap pieces!

And, it’s not just with what you buy at the grocery store either! I noticed that the chicken breasts used by one of the major fast food restaurants, has this issue too! They also leave all the gristle parts on it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care too much for biting down on a tough and gristly chicken sandwich, that costs $6 or $7 each! Yuk! I threw my last one in the trash, it was so bad. I felt bad for wasting it, but it just wasn’t edible!

So what is the deal with this? Is it because they stopped treating it with chemicals and antibiotics? Is this what free range does to chicken? ? In my opinion, in an attempt to earn more money per LB, they are breeding chickens to be bigger! As a result, the meat becomes tough and grainy.

So, anyway! Maybe I will just eat more steak and hamburgers! I would also do fish, but it has it’s own issues, especially if you don’t live near the ocean! But that’s a whole other blog post! And, the kids don’t like fish anyway, except catfish. ?

Bock! Bock!

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