Text View, How to Easily Adjust the Font Size

Is the text view too small or large on the website you are viewing? Want to zoom in on that pic that doesn’t expand when you click on it?

I am in my mid 40’s and don’t have the eye site I use to, plus after looking at the screen for a while, things get a little fuzzy. I have reading glasses I am suppose to use, but often leave them somewhere in another room. So I will find myself squinting at the screen. Then I remember this tip to adjust the text on the “fly” without changing any settings on the computer. Works with most browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

change text view sizeTo zoom in, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the plus key.  The Ctrl key is usually below your shift key, and the plus key (+) is located at the top of the keyboard, toward at the end of the row of numbers. To zoom out, hold down Ctrl and the minus key (-). The minus key is right next to the plus. You can press the plus or minus several times, to zoom in or out, to where you like it.

Happy, no more squinting!

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