Set All Video Files to Auto-Open With Omxplayer – Raspberry Pi

Setting up the Omxplayer on the Raspbian Stretch Desktop, to Auto-Open Video Files. 

I have used a GUI for the Omxplayer called TBOplayer, but have had issues with it. Like it sometimes it locks me out of all controls, or won’t stop, or won’t play in full screen. There may be other players that work. But, I have found an easier way way to just “set it and forget it”, with the omxplayer that is already installed on Raspbian (Pixel or Stretch Desktop and may work with others). That will play the videos when double clicked, instead of opening a terminal and typing omxplayer, the file path and file name, in the terminal each time!

Just go to a video file on your pi (only on the desktop) and right click on it and choose “open with”.


Then click on the “Custom Command Line” tab, and in the blank box type, “omxplayer”.

And, check the box that says, “Execute in terminal emulator”.


Now when you double click in a video file with that type of extension, it should open with the omxplayer in full view and you can control the video with the keyboard commands.

1 decrease speed
2 increase speed
< rewind
> fast forward
z show info
j previous audio stream
k next audio stream
i previous chapter
o next chapter
n previous subtitle stream
m next subtitle stream
s toggle subtitles
w show subtitles
x hide subtitles
d decrease subtitle delay (- 250 ms)
f increase subtitle delay (+ 250 ms)
q exit omxplayer
p / space pause/resume
– decrease volume
+ increase volume
⇐ left arrow seek -30 seconds
⇒ right arrow seek +30 seconds
⇓ down arrow seek -600 seconds
⇑ up arrow seek +600 seconds

Well, anyway! Maybe it’s not really much easier but it works. And, maybe you learn something! 😉


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