2018 High School Golf Season Starts Soon

It’s coming up fast!

This pic is from the State tournament last season in mid May. Hope Hailey’s team gets to make it back and can do better!

They had 3 girls graduate. They will have one returning senior, who shot in the mid 70’s and low 80’s last year.

Last season there were only 5 players on the girls team. She got on the team by default. The coach needed a 5th player to round out the team and she volunteered to give it a try, even though she had never played before. He was fine with her learning while she played. Lucky for Hailey, her strokes didn’t count toward to the total score for the team. They only go with the top 4.

But she thinks 10 new players signed up for this next season. So they may have 12 total. But I don’t think they can play all 12, so there might be a competition for playing time or tryouts.

They also have a new coach. She is nervous about that because she doesn’t know him as well as the previous one. And, she thinks most of the girls who signed up, have been taking lessons, and or have been playing longer then she has, and will be a lot better than her.

She was taking lessons for a little while last season but we sort of ran out of room for it in our budget. So, she has been playing with me when she has time, which is really not that often.

Anyway, she has improved a lot from where she started last season, with no experience and just a few lessons. She went from shooting in the mid 130’s to flirting with the upper 90’s and shooting in the lower 100’s. With her best so far when we played last, of 102.

She is getting pretty good around the greens with the wedges! And, if she had a few less unlucky putts sometimes, she could easily be hitting in the mid 90’s or better, I think.

Last season, a score in the low 90’s, would have beat out a lot of the players they played against last year. Though they got to the state tournament, they had some bad luck here and there and placed 6th.

I sure hope Hailey has improved enough to get to play. I sure like to watch! I think she will do fine though!

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