Raspberry Pi Zero – I finally got one!

What is a Raspberry Pi Zero?

The Raspberry Pi Zero has 1Ghz single core cpu, 512mb’s of RAM, a mini hdmi port, mini usb port, and a micro usb for power (you can us a 5v 2a phone charger).

raspberry pi zero

And costs only $5 before s/h or tax! IF you can find any in stock!

I bought mine from a shop called Pimoroni in the UK. Took a couple of weeks to get here but nobody else had it in stock at the time! This is one of those items, if you want it and find it, you better buy it! Another popular place to get one is Adafruit.com. They sell out fast though! You can use this website here to see when they are back in stock in the usual stores that sell them.

The 1st thing I did with mine was install a retropie on it, to see how it handles with less CPU speed or memory than what’s on the Pi 3. Worked pretty good! Also handled Kodi with no problem!

Now to plot what else to do with it!

I want build one of those handheld retro game consoles that has the controller and screen, built into it. But, the kits to build them with, are kind of pricey for my budget. And, like the Zero, they are always out of stock!

I was also thinking of using it to control the volume on some powered pc speakers I have connected to my TV. I will have to find out if that is even possible!

Or maybe, a build a remote control robot car! That would be cool!

And, hopefully I will be able to share some of my experiences here.

What have you used the Raspberry Pi Zero for?

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