Raspberry Pi Portable Power Supply

portable power supply for raspberry piAre you looking for a portable power supply for your Raspberry Pi? This might work, depending on what you are doing with it.

I found this Pocket Juice charger at Walmart for $11.88. It was over in the school supplies section. It has an output of 2.4a max. Just about the right amount of power for the Pi 3 to run on.

If you look online it says 2.1 max output, but on the back of the charger and packaging, it says 2.4 max.


So anyway! I bought one and tried it with the Pi 3 running the Raspbian OS. I browsed the internet, played a few games on retropie and watched a couple of shows on LibreElec (Kodi) and it held up. But, I only had a wireless mouse, keyboard and a game pad connected to the USB ports. So, not really “loaded down” with peripherals that use a lot of power.

It has a row of 4 blue light bars on the top when fully charged. I probably had it plugged into the Pi for about 3 or 4 hrs at the least, and it still had 1 bar left before I shut down the Pi. I have not tested whether or not you could charge it and run the Pi at the same time.

So for $11.88, it’s not much of a risk to take, to see if it worked or not. And if not, I could use it to charge my phones.

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