Playing Golf on a Hot Day

Santa Fe Park Municipal Golf Course

Made this silly video, just for fun!

If you like watching some bad and goofy golf, here you go! My daughter and I playing 9 holes at Santa Fe Park Municipal Golf Course on July 27th, 2018, in San Angelo, TX. Well, I am bad and goofy, she is a lot better at this than me!

This course is very rough and dry from not getting much rain, but still a playable little golf course. The conditions just add to the challenge! And, at a good value too! Green fee cover not just 9 holes, but you can play as many rounds as you want! You can even leave and come back and play again, within the same day.

Note: I do not own the rights to the background music! It was provided by the Windows 10 Picture app, that I used to make this video. It is named as “Simpler Times” in the app. It is listed as “Rive Gauche” (feat. Charlie Bisharat & John Jorgenson) here on

The GPS course maps were taken from the 18 Birdies App.

And, part of the sign photo was borrowed from Google maps! It was taken by local guide, J Cutrer. You can find it here!

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