“Follow Me” Faceboox Hoax

Another HOAX ? post making the rounds on facebook! Have you seen it? It says something like this…

“Did ya know???
Just learned something new …if you go to Facebook settings, account settings, blocking, block users, and type in “following me” without the quotes, you might be surprised who is following you.” … 

Supposedly it will show you a list of all who are following you, without your knowledge. Then you click on “block user” to stop them from following you!

Truth is, it doesn’t work like that unless you have allowed public follows on your profile! This just pulls up users who had the words “follow me” on something they posted public or somewhere in the name of the facebook page, etc. Check it out. Type “pizza” in there and hit enter. You should see results that show the word “pizza” in the profile name, post or something. So, you just blocked those people for probably no reason.

However, there is a way to actually see who “follows” you, besides your friends. But only if you have the feature turned on. Click this link here to learn more!

Please don’t help spread this stuff! Check it out before interacting and share the post!

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