2018 High School Golf Season Ends at Regionals

And, We Are Done for the 2018 Season!

So the second season of high school golf, has come and gone for Hailey! It was bitter sweet because, just as her and her teammates started improving and coming together, with 3 new players and a new coach, the season ends!

And, it was the last season for the only returning senior! So, we were really hoping we could get back to state, for her sake! She is a pretty good golfer and great teammate! We will sure miss her next season! But they at least got as far as the regional tournament together!

And here is how the regional tournament went!

The weather the day of the practice round was really nice! It was in the upper 80’s! We were wearing shorts and putting on sunblock! The weather during the 1st round, not so much! The forecast called for windy, cold and rainy conditions! It it was just that!

Hailey started the 1st round pretty rough. Her drives weren’t too bad but lacked distance, and her short game and putting were way off. She kept chipping the ball over the greens and then had trouble with the speed of the greens being wet, once she got on them. She had to pick up on the 1st hole and then had triple bogies on the next couple.

Then there was a 2 hr storm delay. We were actually stuck under the awning of the course bathrooms for 20 minutes, waiting for the lightning to stop and rain from pouring down, so we could go back to the club house.

Once we made it back to the club house, the coaches were discussing what to do if we had another delay and how they would squeeze the rest of the 1st and the 2nd round, into the next day. Hailey wanted to just start the whole thing over, lol! Luckily the heavy stuff moved off and they were able to finish the round with just some moderate rain fall, off and on.

After the delay, Hailey started playing better. But her putter was still not her friend, and she did too much damage in the 1st 4 holes to help herself, so she finished the 1st round with a 113! That is the highest stroke total she has had since last summer!

I don’t know what the total was for the whole team, but I think all of them shot in the low 100’s except the senior. She usually shoots in the mid 70’s but also had a rough round in the mid 80’s. So, they were probably pretty far down the board for the 1st round.

The next day the weather cleared and warmed up to the upper 70’s. And oh man, what a difference a day makes! Most everything improved for Hailey, from the day before!

Her drives had more distance! Her short game was better! And she found the bottom of the cup on a lot less putts! She shot 7 pars for the round! Five of those pars were so close to being birdies, with the ball stopping just short from going in!

But, she also found the water hazards a few times, and had a couple of unplayable lies. So she had to take some drops. And, she sometimes tried to play through the trees, instead of hitting away from them. I started calling her “George of the Jungle”, when she would hit one with the ball. She didn’t think it was funny and gave me the evil eye! lol!

She ended up shooting 92 for the round, which is actually her personal best so far! I thought she would be really happy about the 92, but she wasn’t satisfied with that. She thought she could have easily been in the mid 80’s. And, she felt that she let her team down with the 113 from the day before!


I had to remind her, she just started playing golf last season (2017) as a freshman! Not just started playing on the high school team, but playing any golf, period! Last season she shot in the low 130’s starting out. And at this same tournament last year, she shot a 120 and 118. So she improved on that by 33 strokes! So don’t be too hard on yourself, kid! But I also reminded her, to do better, she has to take it more serious and keep working at it, even when there is no tournaments to play in. She agreed and said she really wants to work on it a lot more this summer.

Anyway, I hated for the season to be over so soon. It’s fun to watch all these kids take on the game of golf. But I’m sure we will get things going again soon enough!


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