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If your computer isn’t running quite like it use to; it’s slow, has popups, viruses, freezes up or maybe doesn’t even turn on anymore. And, you are afraid of what it might cost to get it repaired…

Call me, Robby, Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Nerd!

welcome to my blog I am Robby

IT help, without the IT cost! I am not a licensed tech but I have extensive knowledge and experience working with computers, repairing them for many family, friends, neighbors and others, for over 20 years!    

Here is just a sample list of things I can assist you with:

  • Memory and Hard Drive Install and Upgrades!
  • Virus/Malware Removal!
  • Resetting/Reinstalling Windows 7/8/8.1/10!
  • Cleaning/Refurbishing older PC’s!
  • File Recovery off of old Hard Drives (if hard drive is not damaged)!

I can also offer my assistance on many other computer and Internet related tasks like:

  • Small business web page building and admin!
  • Small business e-commerce setup (paypal shopping cart)!
  • Facebook page setup!
  • Audio, Video and Image file format conversion (.WAV to .MP3, .MOV/WMV to .AVI/.MP4/.MPEG and more)!

And, much much more!

So, let me take a look at it or let me see what I can do, before you spend a bunch of money at the repair shop or big box store. And, it might not cost you anything!

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